Covid-19 Disinfection Services


Covid-19 Disinfection Services

Your house, business and school can be professionally decontaminated and disinfected under COVID 19 with the help of a professional cleaning service provider. Your homes, businesses and schools can be professionally disinfected and destowed under CoVID19 with our professional cleaning services.

We offer disinfection and decontamination services with EPA – registered, hospital-ready disinfectants. Our first stage of disinfection services is general disinfection, which involves high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaners that are manually cleaned by Pest Control Arlington technicians on high contact surfaces, followed by the use of EPA-registered disinfectants in the form of a hospital-ready solution. We are available 24 hours a day and can respond quickly to serve your home, business, or school, as well as other facilities near you, such as hospitals.

The second stage goes a step further and includes the use of halomist ™, which is known to kill viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus. The third stage of disinfection is called Hospital Grade Disinfection and was developed by the Arlington Pest Control team of experts as the best method for controlling viruses, germs or bacteria.

Arlington Pest Control is the first company to specialise exclusively in indoor air quality and is pleased to announce that it now has three disinfection services that treat all surfaces against active viruses and bacteria, including the latest threat from coronavirus, COVID 19. The third stage, Hospital Grade Disinfection Services, uses Halosil Fogger, an EPA-registered disinfectant and an enzyme solution based on plants. This is the first of its kind in the USA and is used in hospitals nationwide, including in the use of HaloMist.

This service is also ideal for tenants and homeowners who want to initiate the reset of the room air and ensure that living spaces are disinfected.

Depending on the size of the room and the number of rooms, the disinfection service can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We know how important it is to manage decontamination projects when a house or facility is at risk, and we understand the business disruption that can occur, and we understand that families can experience panic if their home is always considered their safe zone.

COVID-19 Coronavirus can survive on most surfaces for up to 17 days, and people infected with COVID 19 can show symptoms as early as 3 days after exposure, making tracking and containment more difficult.

That’s why it’s so important to have a professional biohazard company you trust: Arlington Pest Control has developed a two-step preventive cleaning process that ensures the most effective cleaning possible. It is the first of its kind in the world and offers some of the most comprehensive preventive cleansing products.

For this reason, the preventive cleaning of SRM is outstanding compared to the standard cleaning of janitorial companies. We have the highest quality products and the most comprehensive preventive cleaning process in the industry.

Uniquely in an unprecedented time, Arlington Pest Control has been screened and prepared to clean and disinfect homes and businesses according to the protocols established by the CDC. Our technicians are trained in the most advanced cleaning techniques and cleaning products of the highest quality.

We have many years of experience in handling biological contaminants and have trained professionals for proactive cleaning, which includes cleaning and disinfecting plant structures. Cleaning processes generally include disinfection of non-porous surfaces and cleaning of all equipment, tools and aids used in the cleaning process. We will go through the most advanced cleaning techniques and the highest quality products of the best quality.

Once you have understood the basic assessment that needs to be carried out to create an effective action plan, it is time for you to consider the disinfection cleaning services of COVID 19. They must take into account all the instruments that must be used and the safety procedures that must be communicated and tested. We can disinfect the air and are easier to use, as fewer steps are required.

With the right information and help, we can keep you and your loved ones, including your family members, friends, co-workers and even your children, safe. Homeowners and business owners need to take preventive measures to stop the spread of diseases such as respiratory, respiratory and respiratory diseases.

Get rid of coronavirus and other dangerous diseases and contact Arlington Pest Control of Arlington Texas for immediate disinfection and cleaning of your building. Get your property cleaned and decontaminated to protect yourself from the effects of pandemics in Dallas and Garland, Texas. We provide cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings through South Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and Dallas – Arlington.

Our cleaning services are available for residential and commercial properties in South Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and Dallas – Arlington.

Arlington Pest Control would like to inform you that we are proud to be a trusted partner in the fight against COVID 19 and other viruses. We have a highly qualified team on EPA’s N list, capable of killing the most common strains of the virus and other pathogens. Please contact us to arrange cleaning and protect your house or office from COID 19 or other viruses.